Matchmaker of the Agile world

I’m Zoltán Varjas, Head and Product Owner of Balagile Launchpad,

former IT Finance Manager. Launchpad’s mission is to provide our students with the best connection and the safest integration for their customers. This is the central value proposition of our business model.

I’m Balázs Tornai, Founder of Balagile.

The Agile specialists we train receive first-rate education based on our 22 years of experience with practical examples and a serious exam. “Train hard, fight easy.”

I’m Lívia Csáki, Lead Mentor.

In addition to teaching, all our mentors work continuously with real clients, as well. Thus, we always season the imparted knowledge with live and fresh examples and experiences. Our students far exceed the abilities of an average professional. Their continuous development is ensured by our mentoring system, as well as our alumni already numbering over 200 former students.

As a career changer, I had a lot of fears.

Combining the knowledge, tools and mentoring I received at with my previous experience helped me integrate quickly and stably into the new environment, to the delight of the team and business decision makers.

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